Alien Sex Clones

Alien Sex ClonesAlien Sex Clone Crissy Cums is BEAMED to the Galactic Girls Mother Ship to test out the New Galactic Fuck Machine. She is told that this could be a hazardous mission as the “bugs” have not been fully worked out! The main goal of this first mission is to test the machine and simulate human sexual intercourse. The Galactic Girls Council has been researching Male Humans as a way of gathering the DNA the Galactic Girls require to further breed their Interstellar Female Humanoid Race. As their Breeders were exterminated in a Cosmic Battle many decades ago, the backup Genetic Breeding Formula is getting rapidly depleted. This Galactic Fuck Machine will serve two key purposes; 1) to introduce the Galactic Girls to simulated Humanoid Intercourse with genetic extractions and insertions and 2) train the chosen Galactic Girls how to have Humanoid Intercourse so they can control their proposed plan of CAPTURING SUITABLE MALE HUMAN SPECIMENS to Regenerate the Galactic Girls Breeding Program!!!Busty Porn Clones

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