Bizare Sci-Fi Porn

Huge Alien DickSpacegirl Mika Tan has been transported to the ALIEN LAIR of the INTERSTELLAR SEX ALIEN, XARCON!!! As Mika begins to realize she is not in her “Earthly Environment” she is immediately confronted with the Multiple Alien Cock Wielding XARCON!!! Mika Tan is now the SEX SLAVE to an ALIEN CREATURE that begins to ready her for “OUT OF THIS WORLD” penetration with its HUGE CREATURE MEMBERS! What a Bizare Sci-Fi Porn?!Dildo Lesbians

Space Warriors

Alien Sex ClonesGalactic Girl Ariel X is on another mission to infiltrate the Space Lair of the Evil Alien Clone in order to try and combat the Sexual Powers introduced though the Alien Pussy Probes! Armed with an Intergalactic High Density Plasma Weapon, Ariel X seeks out the essence of the Alien’s recent Snatch and Grab, where her Pussy was injected with the Alien Mind Control juice and part of her DNA was extracted and Altered…Space Warriors cloned from the original Galactic Girls, still roam the galaxy looking to find the evil seed planted by the Trimon breeders.Alien Warrior Babes

Alien Sex Clones

Alien Sex ClonesAlien Sex Clone Crissy Cums is BEAMED to the Galactic Girls Mother Ship to test out the New Galactic Fuck Machine. She is told that this could be a hazardous mission as the “bugs” have not been fully worked out! The main goal of this first mission is to test the machine and simulate human sexual intercourse. The Galactic Girls Council has been researching Male Humans as a way of gathering the DNA the Galactic Girls require to further breed their Interstellar Female Humanoid Race. As their Breeders were exterminated in a Cosmic Battle many decades ago, the backup Genetic Breeding Formula is getting rapidly depleted. This Galactic Fuck Machine will serve two key purposes; 1) to introduce the Galactic Girls to simulated Humanoid Intercourse with genetic extractions and insertions and 2) train the chosen Galactic Girls how to have Humanoid Intercourse so they can control their proposed plan of CAPTURING SUITABLE MALE HUMAN SPECIMENS to Regenerate the Galactic Girls Breeding Program!!!Busty Porn Clones

Space Girls Saga

Space Girls Warrior BabesThis where it all began in our first season of Space Girls episodes introducing the opening cast with…Sylvia Saint, Lola, Lea de Mae, Crissy Moran, Nikki Nova, Jade Marcela, Dita Von Teese, Nicki, Midori, Kasorn Swan! The XXXSpacegirls Universe is a world inhabited by only women but it wasn’t always that way. Long ago there used to be men before the attack of the sexoids. The Sexoids our a band of small to large robots that hunt down every living male species ridding planets of all possibilities of reproduction. Turning planets into wastelands transforming them into fertilization centers to reproduce their species merging their robotic genes with every living race for what purpose is still uncertain. Many centuries ago the XXXSpacegirls planet called "O" was attacked by these robotic sex creatures where they almost completed their mission but not before one man saved the XXXSpacegirls with a dairing escape. Lola’s distant relative General Kain was the the leader that brought them to Valleys under the mysterious Mount Shazoon! Long since General Kain’s death the Spacegirls have organized an army to protect their fellow sisters from any future sinister attacks! Until Now! As the sexoids have located their new home and have reinfected their pure planet with an army of 1000’s of these sex robots!Busty Dildo Girls

Galactic Porno Warriors

Scifi Warrior GirlsShe Devil Vixen beams up to the Evil Alien’s Lab in her new Galactic Slut uniform to see if she can overcome the small, but powerful Evil Alien Creature known as Zarconius. Immediately She Devil Vixen begins to tease and flirt with Zarconius trying to get the upper hand with her Pussy Power…little does she know that this little Evil Creature is slowly manipulating her to HIS WILL!!! As she begins to display her Sexual Attractors (tits and ass), Zarconius begins to enter She Devil Vixen’s mind and guide her to the first Pussy Sucking Probe Area…she cannot resist as the Probe introduces a Pleasure Sensor into her Vaginal Cavity making her begin to get Hot, Horny, and Wet…THE CONTROL BEGINS!!! Galactic Porno Warriors performing wild sex acts.Scifi Warrior Babes